Introdução e Antecedentes

MOTIVATION - The advance of scientific computing has promoted a development without precedents in the history of the human society. The popularization of the personal computer, the advent of the internet, the development of wireless communication, of the high performance distributed computing, distributed databases and data mining for knowledge discovery, monitoring techniques, scientific visualization, virtual reality, numerical simulation and computational modeling of complex systems, nowadays permeate all the human activities giving rise to huge and deep changes.READ MORE

NATIONAL CONTEXT - In Brazil, as in several developing countries, there exists another even greater requirement, before the data manipulation, that is the demand for standardization with its subsequent integration. This demand appears due to the common practice of the generation of data in various formats for various medical centers.READ MORE

OBJECTIVES - Specifically, this project proposes to implement a computational environment based on Grid technologies and high performance computing, for Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing, offering the medical community, and researchers in general, services such as... READ MORE