Doctoral scholarships and Postdoctoral research assistantships

Doctoral scholarships and Postdoctoral research assistantships are available within the HeMoLab P&D group (Hemodynamic Modeling Laboratory, at the LNCC/MCT - National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, and at the INCT-MACC – National Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine Assisted by Scientific Computing (, Petrópolis, Brazil.

Candidates will conduct research activities in one of the following areas:

·  Computational Modeling of the Cardiovascular System
·  Lattice-Boltzman models in computational hemodynamics
·  Image processing of medical Images
·  Multiscale modeling and computational simulation of biological tissues
·  In-vivo material properties characterization of biological tissues

The doctoral scholarships and assistantship stipends are supported by grants from the CNPq  - Brazilian Council for Research and Development and from FAPERJ – Research Foundation for the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The candidate must have a strong background in mathematics, sciences, and computing.

The interested must send his/her CV together with a summary of the current research activities via e-mail to:

Raúl A. Feijóo
Pablo J. Blanco